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185 Boxwood Farm Rd

Amherst, VA 24521


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PO Box 68

Amherst, VA 24521



Sunnyside Boxwood Farm is a family owned and operated nursery in Amherst, Virginia. We sell American and English boxwood plants throughout the United States. We also sell boxwood clippings, in the fall, to many florists along the east coast.

Boxwood plants can be used in a variety of different landscape arrangements to suit the needs of homeowners or commercial properties. They are often used as a natural border to screen or define garden spaces. If planted in a row, they make a wonderful hedge. Individual plants can be potted and used as centerpieces for city dwellers with limited garden space.

The clippings make wonderful holiday wreaths as well as centerpieces for tables and fire mantles. They add color and natural scents for the home or office during the winter months.

You are welcome to visit us, take a tour of our farm and select your plants. You may also call us to place an order with one of our dedicated staff. We greatly appreciate your business.


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